‘Global Europe': EU external action renewed

NDICI - ‘Global Europe', the European Union’s brand-new comprehensive external action instrument to achieve SDGs

DEVPOLES commends the European Commission on progress towards the adoption and entry into force of NDICI - ‘Global Europe', the European Union’s brand-new comprehensive external action instrument to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Endowed with €79.5 billion, this new external action instrument consolidates the coverage of several preexisting instruments into a single framework, integrating for the first time the European Development Fund (EDF) into the EU budget, which will be now subject to the EU expenditure control and oversight system, allowing for increased transparency and accountability, as well as for potential economies of scale and scope in the EU’s external action.


NDICI - ‘Global Europe' will cover EU cooperation with more than 135 countries, allocating €60.38 billion for geographic programmes, €6.36 billion for thematic programmes, €3.18 billion for rapid response action, and a provision of unearmarked funds of €9.53 billion to replenish other budget lines and respond to new priorities.

Migration and Climate Change are key thematic areas of this new 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework. The 2030 Agenda recognizes the contribution of human mobility to sustainable development, thus rendering migration as a cross-cutting issue relevant to achieve most goals and targets through implementation and monitoring actions. Likewise, SDG13 and the Paris Agreement address the global challenge of climate change which is essential to sustainable development.

“NDICI - ‘Global Europe' will be underpinned by a second-generation results-based budgeting logic, thanks to its 12% allocation in unearmarked funds. ”

As structured, NDICI - ‘Global Europe' will be underpinned by a second-generation results-based budgeting logic, thanks to its 12% allocation in unearmarked funds. These unallocated funds will provide the necessary flexibility for the European Union to respond and address any contingencies and new challenges to stay ahead in today’s increasingly fast-paced global arena. This comprehensive instrument will cover countries in the EU Neighborhood East and South, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean to support a sustainable global recovery and promote comprehensive partnerships to achieve the SDGs.

In this context, DEVPOLES will expand and adapt its scope to deepen cross-sectoral approaches akin to EU interests, reinforcing partnership and technical assistance in actions related to decent work, education, security, justice, energy, transport, urban development and natural resources management. DEVPOLES will also offer its services in support to the European Union as well as public and private stakeholders to mainstream human mobility and environmental considerations in policies, strategies and actions in other sectors, reaching through a wide range of SDGs.


In recent years, DEVPOLES has intensively supported the Latin American and Caribbean region throughout essential contributions to the SDGs, in particular SDG10, SDG16 and SDG17. Strengthening collaboration with multiple public and private stakeholders has been instrumental in achieving a greater impact of our actions. Now this strategy will be reinforced in other regions prioritized by the European Union to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs worldwide. DEVPOLES’ network in neighbouring countries of the EU, as well as in East and West Africa, places us in a strong position to bolster these partnerships expanding our contributions from a cross-cutting and innovative approach to promote the achievement of a wider range of SDGs.

"Under 'Global Europe', DEVPOLES will reinforce global coverage to support the EU's external action and multilateral agenda for peace, prosperity and stability.”

The EU envisions the NDICI - ‘Global Europe' as a keystone in supporting its multilateral agenda, pursuing global peace and stability, fostering trade, inclusive economies and sustainable growth, as well as promoting comprehensive partnerships to uphold the principles of good governance, democracy and human rights. DEVPOLES, through our values, skills and expertise, will support the EU in the achievement of these objectives and will continue promoting alliances with the academia, public and private actors to make it happen.



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