Justice and Criminal Prosecution

Our experts have longstanding experience in the reform and modernization of the judiciary.

We support access to justice and fight against impunity by building capabilities in both administrative as well as jurisdictional aspects through all administrative and territorial levels. We also provide consulting and specialized technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Fight against corruption
  • Fight against impunity
  • Implementation of quality management systems (transposition of ISO)
  • Advisory on tecnological solutions .
  • Introduction of systems for planning, management and performance evaluation for the judiciary and the prosecution.
  • Coordination between justice and security stakeholders.
  • One of our areas of thematic expertise is advising public institutions in the fight against money laundering, seizure of goods and implementing legislation on asset forfeiture.

    Development Poles has a Anti-Money Laundering and Forfeiture Program including following components:

  • Advisory on investigation techiques (including forensic audit, forensic financial analysis and field research)
  • Advice in regulatory matters
  • Training in crime typologies
  • Training on probative means and techinques
  • Training on special investigative techniques and monitoring
  • Training in special ops
  • Training for specialized units to combat money laundering and fraud
  • Training in counter-cybercrime
  • Inter-agency cooperation protocols and systems (financial institutions, judiciary, prosecution, police, financial institutions, customs and border control).
  • For all other matters relating please contact one of our specialised staff at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    About DP

    At DP we offer tailored-made solutions delivered by talented consultants keenly emphasizing on human relations.

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